Here is a collection of my homilies that I have prepared for the benefit of my parishioners who might want to hear it again or due to circumstance, to hear for the first time if they could not come to Mass that week. These homilies do not contain a list of cited sources as they are prepared to be delivered vocally and not in written form, but I acknowledge that as well as taking each homily to prayer and trying to find an image or connection with what is going on in the parish or the country that week, I also consult general theological textbooks and various biblical commentaries with the help of Verbum for help and inspiration, as well as to share knowledge of the Word of God with my congregation.

Some of my favourite exegetes are Raymond Brown, N.T. Wright and contributors to the Paulist Biblical Commentary, Sacra Pagina, Berit Olam, the New Collegeville Bible Commentary, the Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture, and the Liturgy and Life Study Bible. I often include insights from these sources, as well as anecdotes I have heard from other Jesuits in community or whom I have read. Where possible I include the audio, and at the request of some deaf friends, I also include the text. Whenever possible I try to ensure the text is faithful to the audio, but when delivering the homily spontaneously there may be deviations.

My homilies are sorted according to the Liturgical Cycle:

and by Liturgical Seasons:

You can also find them by calendar year:

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