Marking by candlelight Marking by candlelight

Africa is known for her problems with electricity supply. I had known that in South Africa there was load-shedding and that there were more pronounced problems in the rest of Africa. In Zambia, since arriving I have experienced 17 power-cuts. It makes life difficult – especially when you realise that for many people their water supply is linked to the ability to pump water. At Canisius we have two manual pumps which the students have to resort to when the electrical pump fails to distribute water around the campus to the toilets and shower areas. Losing electricity for hours at a time (often from 6am until 8pm) is making me see my life in a different way. On the up side the power-cuts have offered me the opportunity to talk to more people under the trees while we wait for water – and given me a whole new experience of marking at night-time.