One of the things that most impresses me about the pupils at Canisius is their work ethic. Take a look at a typical day:

  • 05h45 Rise
  • 06h00 Cleaning dormitory areas
  • 06h30 Breakfast
  • 07h00 Cleaning classroom areas
  • 07h15 Classes commence
  • 09h55 Break
  • 10h20 Classes continue
  • 13h00 End of Classes
  • 13h15 Lunch
  • 14h00 Clean school areas / Study
  • 15h00 Clubs and Societies / Sports and Games
  • 17h45 Supper
  • 18h30 Evening study begins
  • 21h00 End of Evening Study / Group Meetings
  • 21h30 Grades 8 and 9 go to bed
  • 22h00 Seniors go to bed, Light out

It might be just that the Seniors are nearing their exams – but some students appear to study from 22h30-00h00 or wake up at 04h00 and study until 05h30. Though their efforts might be counter-productive – there certainly is a huge desire to learn and succeed. They know that education is their only way out of the poverty that blights Zambia.